Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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How can ECS Telecoms sell calls that are cheaper than BT?

Deregulation of the telecoms market allows us to compete with BT and to offer customers cheaper calls by routing them via other carriers' networks. We can keep our costs down as we do not have massive infrastructures or any networks to service. We pass these savings directly to our customers.

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What is carrier pre selection?

Carrier Pre Selection is a part of the ongoing process of introducing competition to the UK telecommunications market and allows customers to route their calls through alternative carriers.

This is accomplished by "pre selecting the carrier" at your local BT exchange. This is performed automatically and by BT themselves at our request . It can therefore replace other routing procedures such as:

  • Dialling a number code before you dial the number you want. *
  • Having an adapter plugged in between the socket and your phone to automatically dial the prefix code. *
  • Programming switchboards to dial the prefix code. *
*These procedures still work though

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Is this an approved service?

Yes, the service is fully regulated by OFCOM, the telecom industry's watchdog.

Visit OFCOM at

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What if BT doesn't supply my phone line?

You can currently only have least cost routing if you are on a BT line.

08 numbers on the other hand, are available through ECS Telecoms and can be targeted to any telephone line such as NTL or Telewest etc.

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Do I need any on-site equipment?

No, you do not need any on-site equipment. All that happens is that (at ECS Telecoms request) BT reprogram your telephone number on their exchange equipment in order that when a call is made it is automatically routed via ECS Telecoms carrier network rather than via BTs own network. ECS Telecoms then bill you for the calls you have made.

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Are there any set up charges?

No, there are no charges whatsoever for the setting up of this service and there is no standing monthly charge. You are simply billed for the calls you make on a monthly basis, once the service has been provisioned.

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Do I still pay BT for my line?

You have a choice

You can have ECS Telecoms bill you for both your line rental and your calls, including any other features you have on your line/s e.g. call divert, thus giving you just one bill and making substantial savings on your calls as well as further savings on your line rental.

The other option is BT bill you as usual for the rental of your telephone line and any other features you have on this line e.g. call divert and ECS Telecoms bill you only for your Telephone calls making substantial savings on your calls alone.

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How much do calls actually cost?

The cost of a call depends on the type of number dialled, as well as the time the call is made (e.g. whether it is made during the day, in the evening or at a weekend). Our tariff list gives the costs of local calls, national calls and international calls to the most popular destinations that our customers call and we would be happy to send this to you, either via email or post.

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Do you have a minimum call charge?

Yes it is 1p

All our calls are billed by the second.

A minimum call and or call connection charge (or call set up charge) is important when calculating potential savings.

For instance BTs standard rate minimum call charge is 5p per minute plus VAT.

Minimum call charges and call set-up charges can account for a large part of your bill when you consider that the average business call lasts for less than two minutes.

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Do I have to make every call using my new network carrier?

No, if for whatever reason want to revert back to BT, you can easily by dialling "1280". (This is called an over-ride) This override code will revert the call back through the BT network and the call will show on your BT bill.

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What happens if I have a burglar alarm that uses the telephone?

ECS Telecoms does not recommend having Carrier Pre Select on burglar or alarm type lines as these may interfere with the contract terms and conditions of security coverage. It is strongly recommended that you check with BT and your Security company and that your insurance is unaffected by using Carrier Pre Select.

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How will I be charged?

Payment for all services is by Direct Debit.

ECS Telecoms will send you a fully itemised monthly bill for all your calls.

Direct Debit payments will be debited from customers' accounts approximately 10 days from the date of each bill.

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