Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Agency/Affinity Partnership


An ECS Telecoms agency is a great opportunity to earn a substantial residual income.

Unlike many other agency deals we pay commission monthly on an ongoing basis.

We provide all the training and paperwork, in fact everything needed to enable an agent to successfully offer our telephony services.

Affinity Partnership

An Affinity Partnership enables your organisation or company to increase its awareness across its membership or customer base.

The Affinity Partnership puts your organisation or companies' identity (logo's telephone numbers etc), on to the telephone bill.

How it works

With no costs to you, ECS Telecoms are able to offer substantial telecoms savings to your membership/customers, but under your name.

By partnering your company or organisation with ECS Telecoms and offering all the services and quality customer service that ECS Telecoms has available, you improve your profile and enhance your image while at the same time making great savings for your membership or customer base.

Through this Affinity Partnership there is of course monthly commission payable to your organisation/company by ECS Telecoms.

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