Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Inbound Calls - 09xx Premium Rate Services

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ECS Telecoms Premium Rate Service (PRS) offers premium rate numbers beginning 090x, to enable you to run competitions, to sell expertise and provide high value information or services, over the phone.

A range of numbers and call rates gives you the flexibility to attract realistic fees for professional and technical services, or to subsidise the cost of promotions.

All calls are charged either in pence per minute or by a fixed fee regardless of the duration of the call.

How it works

Premium Rate Calls are made to Service Providers and as a Service Provider you will be paid a proportion of the cost of each call made to your number.


All premium rate services are regulated by PhonepayPlus. Permission must be obtained from the regulator prior to any service being connected.

ECS Telecoms organise and manage this process for you.

If you are currently with any alternative network operator, such as BT, we will seamlessly transfer your service to ECS Telecoms without changing your existing numbers.


PRS is principally targeted at two markets; organisations that provide information as a service i.e. weather information and companies that need to earn revenue from inbound call traffic. For example, a PC manufacturer may use a 0800 number to attract customers, an 0870 (national rate) number for its customer care line and an 090x number for technical support.

PRS Call Charges

PRS offers a range of caller prices and there are two different methods of utilising PRS.

1. Live (call is directed to your own telephone number)

2. Automated (recorded message)

For both these different applications there are (to the caller of the number) either per minute or per call charges ranging from 25p to 1.50

As an example an ECS Telecoms customer with an 09xx number at 1.50 per minute and with a usage of 1000 minutes or less per month could be rebated at 1.02 per minute.

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