Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Line Rental and Line Management

ecs_telecoms_11New regulations now allow ECS Telecoms to reduce the charges you pay for your telephone line rental & services as well as your call costs.

There is no reduction in quality or service, because your lines are still maintained by BT, yet you get just one monthly bill from ECS Telecoms bill for all your telecom services.

Whether you have a direct exchange line, ISDN2 or ISDN 30 our line management service keeps the reliability and integrity of the BT network, combining it with the cost savings and personal customer service that only ECS Telecoms offers.

Existing lines and services can be transferred seamlessly to your ECS Telecoms monthly bill.

That way, you can have all your telephone charges, line rental and broadband internet access costs on one easy to read bill.

New lines and services can also be ordered directly through ECS Telecoms.

Features and Benefits

  • One bill for all your telecom services
  • Seamless migration of your existing BT lines
  • One point of contact
  • Increased savings
  • Connection of new lines
  • Call services available such as call waiting, call divert caller display etc.
  • ECS quality customer service

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