Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Inbound Calls - 08xx Numbers (Non Geographic)



Non-geographic Numbers 08xx Numbers

The easier you make it for customers to call you, the more calls and business you can generate.

Our 08xx services provide a range of 0800/0808 freephone and 0844 as well as international rate numbers designed to encourage customers to call and help you deal with those calls professionally.

The kind of number and service that is right for your business depends on your priorities.

How it works

These numbers are targeted to any existing telephone number you have, so that when a customer rings the 08xx number it rings on the designated or "target" number that you give us. 

More information on the services and functionality available behind Non-Geographic numbers 

  • Free number allocation*
  • Free connection*
  • No number rental*

Customers who currently have any 08xx numbers with an alternative network operator such as BT can seamlessly transfer the same numbers to ECS Telecoms.

Type of Service

Description Cost to Caller Cost to You Benefits
0800 Callers can contact you free from anywhere in the UK FREE All of the charge Encourages higher response rates. Increases customer satisfaction
0844 Callers are charged at 4p inc VAT per minute from anywhere in the UK 4p inc VAT per minute FREE* Implies you have a local presence. Lower cost call increases response

International Freephone

Overseas callers can call free (each country has its own number) Free** All of the call charge Extends your market, encourages higher response rates
Universal International Freephone Overseas callers can call free (each country has its own number) Free** All of the call charge Makes it easier for your customers to remember your number, extends your market and encourages higher response rates

* 08xx subject to taking or already having ECS Telecoms least cost routing service.n.b.excludes any routing services associated with the 08xx number other than a one to one translation to a landline, also exludes specialy quoted memorable numbers
** Except those countries where a local rate is charged.


  • Encourage people to call you
  • Higher response rates to advertising and increased customer satisfaction
  • Local, national or international identity for your organisation extends your market
  • Calls are routed to your existing landline number/s
  • Keep your number when you move
  • Call volumes and patterns can be monitored - especially useful for tracking the success of marketing campaigns

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