Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Inbound Calls - 08xx Numbers (Services)




Disaster Recovery

If there is an emergency, a single call either to ECS Telecoms or direct to your call management platform ensures all your calls are immediately diverted.

Call Routing Plans

Call routing is provided via an Intelligent Network or IN Platform.

Due to the sophistication of the Intelligent Network, there are a number of simple or advanced routing options or Call Plans which can be applied to 08xx numbers on our IN Platform.

These call plans will route a call to one geographic destination or several geographic destinations based on the following options 

  • Time of day routing
  • Day of week routing
  • Calendar Date Routing
  • Area of Origin Routing
  • Ratio Distribution
  • Intelligent Diversion

DTMF Routing

This feature is for use with 08xx numbers, it gives customers the ability to change the active call plan on their 08xx number simply by dialling in at any time of the day or night.

Memorable Numbers


  • Higher response rates and increased customer satisfaction
  • Local, national or international identity for your organisation extends your market
  • Calls are distributed efficiently and professionally with intelligent call routing
  • Call volumes and patterns can be monitored using detailed management information - especially useful for tracking the success of marketing campaigns
  • Golden numbers give your organisation a distinctive identity and are easy for customers to remember

Management Information and Reports

To supplement the features and advantages offered by non-geographic numbers, the IN platform provides analysis of the performance of each non-geographic number.

This information is collated on a daily basis and includes:

  • Number of call attempts
  • Total minutes processed
  • Number of calls answered
  • Number of calls receiving engaged or unanswered
  • Traffic flow analysis i.e. busy periods
  • Geographic call origin analysis
  • Multiple site delivery analysis

Graphical analysis reports can be included to allow statistical trends to be easily identified. Bespoke statistic reports can also be designed to meet specific requirements for either regular reports or a specific historic report.

The frequency of reporting can be offered on a daily basis via a secure data link. In addition, weekly summary reports can be collated for trend analysis.

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