Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Outbound Calls - Least Cost Routing

ecs_telecoms_12Least Cost Routing

The UK has a very competitive market in telecommunications, so it has never been easier to save money on your telephone calls.

Improving the quality and range of services available to you and ensuring you retain or improve the customer service you receive can be a little more difficult.

Choose ECS and you will be assured of all the above.

If you have a BT telephone line, you can make calls using one of many other phone companies.

Switching your calls (and line rental) to ECS Telecoms is seamless.

There are no changes needed and no prefix numbers to dial.

We arrange it all for you using Carrier Pre-Selection with no setup costs.

Carrier Pre-Selection

ECS Telecoms uses the most up to date Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) technology and is the most flexible method of obtaining cheaper calls.

CPS has some very significant advantages over conventional methods, as calls can be routed via the cheapest system without the need for diallers or switchboard programming.


  • Substantially reduce your call charges
  • Suitable for all phone and fax lines
  • No site visits necessary
  • No installation costs
  • No need to change your lines
  • No need to change your numbers
  • No loss of call quality
  • Your calls are routed automatically so you don't need to manually dial codes or install other equipment to obtain savings
  • ECS quality customer service

Additional services you may already have with BT, such as 1471 1571, call waiting etc are unaffected. All our calls are billed per second with only a 1p minimum call charge, no rounding and no call connection charges. If you are already with another service provider other than BT, you can still make further savings and improve your services with ECS Telecoms

Savings Analysis

For a cost savings analysis why not fax your current bill to us?

Fax your most recent telephone bill including any summary pages to 0845 051 5040 and we will provide a cost savings analysis within 48 hours.

NB We will provide this at no charge and it puts you under no obligation

Home Worker Access

Home worker access gives you the facility to add any home workers or employees home telephone numbers to your ECS business account. This enables them to use our service by dialling an access code. All their business calls will then be logged and billed, at our low rates, to your ECS business account and appear separately on your bill summary - giving you full accountability.

Please contact us for more information.

0800 614 900